The way the world runs today, it often feels as if it’s impossible to make it in the Wedding Business without a strong social media presence as well as participating in a plethora of networking events. While it may seem like the only way to stay relevant these days, Michele Hodges is here to share otherwise. Michele is here to share how she never intended to fall into Event Planning, and her secret on how she’s managed to do well in the field.

Show Highlights:

  • Michele’s perspective on Social Media, networking, and Event Planning
  • How Michele gets her ideas when getting to know her clients
  • Michele’s preference when it comes to deciding between a DJ or band for weddings
  • The most important elements to consider when it comes to choosing a band
  • Michele shares her order of constructing a wedding for a new client
  • The key factor to look for when it comes to Floral Designers
  • What Michele recommends on how to confront challenges
  • The biggest changes in the industry Michele’s become more aware of
  • What Michele would tell experienced planners on what they need to know to be successful


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