Creativity can be sparked in a number of ways, but sometimes necessity is the best motivator. In today’s episode, Natasha Miller, President and CEO of Entire Productions, talks about how hardship in her youth drove her to create the empire she has today. Not only has she managed to build a platform, she continues to exceed client expectations with her experiential design skills for hundreds of events annually. To hear more on Natasha’s story and how she used her hardship to fuel her entrepreneurial pursuits, tune into this episode of The Wedding Biz with Andy Kushner.

Show Highlights:

  • Using hardship from younger years as a drive
  • The tranquility music brings
  • How necessity sparks creativity
  • The organic process of building a business
  • Learning how to be a better delegator and trust employees
  • Setting standards and relaying expectations
  • Building in emotional touchpoints for events
  • The process behind experience design
  • Keeping people curious and enticed
  • Using touch-points to hold peoples’ attention
  • Anticipating challenges and preparing for them
  • Creating a process to execute consistently successful events
  • Being innovative with business systems
  • Investing more time in large scale events
  • How good business speaks and advertises for itself
  • The growth of music and entertainment
  • Dealing with personal challenges and relieving stress
  • Problem-solving calmly


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