Bryan Rafanelli: Part 1 – Telling Clients’ Stories Through Event Design

If you’ve ever felt family pressure to pursue a certain career, then you can relate to today’s guest. When he realized the careers his family had chosen were not for him, he didn’t let it stop him. Today, you’ll hear the story of forging a completely new path and struggling, but being determined enough to succeed at the highest levels, as told by the amazing Bryan Rafanelli!

Cindy Novotny: Mastering Motivation

As anyone knows, sometimes we need a little motivation, a push in the right direction. Maybe we’re not as focused as we need to be and just need someone to motivate us to reach our potential.

Cindy Novotny is with us today, and she’s here to give some of her signature “straight talk” advice. Listen in and find out why you should embrace public speaking, set goals, and stay focused on what you want out of your life.

Norma Cohen: Building A Thriving Business Within A Community

If there’s anyone who knows all the ins and outs of party planning, it’s Norma Cohen. Norma started planning parties on her own for her friends when she was only 12 years old. Later, she became the youngest female, at 16, on an Executive Board of Directors of the community center. And at 18 she opened her own business, Party Expressions. Listen in to find out why, after several attempts to leave the business, she just couldn’t keep away for long.