Episode 119 Brett Culp: Obstacle Or Opportunity

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership has many meanings, and everyone may have their own perspective on it. Today’s guest, Brett Culp,  has a wonderful point of view on leadership and has built an amazing foundation for his life.

Episode 240 ROBBINS OTOYA: Loving What They Do and Doing it Together

“It’s not about producing a New York wedding in Provence; it’s about producing a Provence wedding in Provence with New York standards.” Listen as Andy, and his guests Matthew Robbins and Luis Otoya discuss their process and dig deep into the creative aspect. They also have an exciting conversation about their use of color and a discussion about their pricing philosophy. 

Matthew has a company called Matthew Robbins Design based in New York City, while Luis has a catering company called Evento & Cocina based in Cartagena. Together, they own Robbins Otoya Destinations, a design and event planning firm that designs and produces destination weddings and events all over the world.

Luis shares meeting Matthew for the first time at a convention, their long-distance relationship, and whether there was any sense of competition between them with their individual companies. Listen as they reveal why they started a business together, what it’s like to work together and be a couple, and how they push each other creatively to be the best they can be.

Matthew and Luis open up and share their process for finding locations and planning events, and how they price their events.  They both share that having jobs, they love, going to incredible places, and making people happy is what success means to them. During this crazy uncertain time in the world, it’s nice to hear about something positive, and fun so push play and get ready to smile. 

Episode 238 DAVID BEAHM: A Personal Response to the Coronavirus

We are all having our own reaction to the current crisis. David shares his way of getting through the myriad of challenges facing not only himself, but all of us.

David Beahm, world-class wedding designer and planner, known for his inventive work and trademark lavish flower creations, has designed countless weddings for society, high profile and discerning clients, including the wedding of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, as well as a host of celebrity and Fortune 500 corporate events.

Episode 157 THE NEXT LEVEL with ZACHARY OXMAN Discussing RAY THOMPSON, Lighting Design, and the Choreography of Emotion

In this episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and guest co-host, Zachary Oxman, discuss key topics from last week’s interview with Ray Thompson. Zack is a true artist and creative who has quite a story as a sculptor and how his work ties in to what Ray does.

Welcome to another episode of The Next Level, in which I have a guest co-host, and the two of us talk about my recent interview of the week. This week we discuss lighting pioneer, Ray Thompson who is an icon in the event and lux wedding industry.

As an artist and creative, Ray has a lot to add to how powerful of an impact lighting can make. This is a fun episode to talk about because Ray is the founder of Images by Lighting and a true innovator in the field of lighting design. His award-winning team create emotional environments for events including lux weddings, major film events, and lighting designs for superstar musical artists.