Shawna Gohel is a pretty big deal in the Indian wedding community. Her site, Maharani Weddings, boasts 800,000 visitors every month. Shawna and her team has published over 10,000 articles on Indian weddings, and an astounding 40% of readers return to the website several times a day for inspiration. Her readers have truly become addicted to the content she shares.

It all started when she herself got engaged. This was in 2008, before the time of Pinterest and Instagram. She rounded up as many bridal magazines as she could get her hands on, and realized that there was a serious lack of information about Indian weddings. Shawna started her own blog as a means to organize her own wedding information, and the rest as they say, is history.

Andy and Shawna chat in depth about her favorite parts of the job as founder of the website, and what’s next for Maharani Weddings. She also discusses what it means to be a mother and a driven entrepreneur, the challenges and successes of working with her husband as a business partner, and how she finds the right balance in life to satisfy all of her passions. Looking forward, Shawna and her team at Maharani Weddings are still growing and evolving the site, and there’s no stopping this force to be reckoned with. You can listen to Shawna’s full interview on The Wedding Biz Show now.