Episode 124 THE NEXT LEVEL with SEAN LOW Discussing LYNN EASTON Part 2, Branding, Pricing & Choosing A Team


Today we have part two of our interview with Lynn Easton. Lynn is a very popular planner and designer in the industry, who also speaks at various conferences. She has created Easton Destination Events, a luxury destination wedding design and planning company that works worldwide, with offices in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina.

Our guest co-host for today is the prestigious Sean Low. Sean has a consulting firm called The Business of Being Creative, with a focus on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative.

Today Sean and Andy discuss Lynn’s signature, which is that no two events of hers ever look the same. One of the ways that she manages to achieve that is by picking just the right team for each client. And this means that she has to create an entirely different team for every single client. Today they also discuss creating legacy clients, Lynn’s concept of high-touch service, and the very sensitive issue of pricing. Lynn has about ten favorite photographers to give her portfolio diversity and she also has a number of different vendors/partners that she works with. Her job is to match the personalities of these various partners with that of each client, in order to make the client most comfortable.  

Show Highlights:

  • Lynn’s brilliance is in her understanding of the personality of each client.
  • Lynn’s work is really about creating an emotional fit, to get the work done in a way that’s going to be meaningful to, and create a better experience for everybody.
  • Lynn’s concept of ‘high touch’ really takes things to the next level.
  • Small, subtle touches, based on the individual client, can really make all the difference.
  • Lynn really knows who all her people are, and what they’re about, so nothing is templated.
  • Lynn doesn’t want to be everything to everybody, yet she’s very specific about what really matters to her at the level of detail, connection, and relationship.
  • It all starts with having the ability to truly understand who’s in front of you.
  • To Lynn, the creatives, or partners that she works with are most important to her.
  • You need to hire the very best creatives that you can find- and then you need to really listen to them.
  • There are many different layers to Lynn’s process.
  • Some of the stories that Lynn has told about how she brings her concept of high-touch to the weddings she creates.
  • What creates a moment, or a memory.
  • Lynn loves social media because it allows her to keep up with her clients.
  • Lynn’s concept of charging a percentage rather than a flat fee works because she’s so candid and transparent.
  • It’s really all about the best fit for the client- and not the money.


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