Episode 126 Cindy Novotny: Part 2 Master Connection Associates

Have you come across challenges in life with your business? Most companies do, and today we hear from motivational and leadership expert, Cindy Novotny. Handling employees and financials in the event industry is indeed a challenge and Cindy is here to share the secrets of her success and the companies she consults for.  

Cindy, “the Radical Mentor,” joins us again in this New Year.  She is a powerful and innovative speaker and consultant, helping all sorts of entrepreneurs and anyone interested in fulfilling their dreams with their businesses. She started her company Master Connection Associates, in 1989. Tune in today and hear her talk about issues with delegating to employees, effective employee communication, motivation, brainstorming, pricing, and how she feels about dealing with fear.

Show Highlights:

  • Listen to Part One if you have not already
  • One of the biggest lessons Cindy learned in 2018
  • The family friendly environment at Cindy’s company
  • Cindy’s mantra for 2019
  • How Cindy gives feedback
  • Motivating employees and how Cindy handles it
  • How Cindy handles pricing relative to demand
  • How to deal with economic fear

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