Episode 40 Nikki Khan: Creating Exquisite South Asian Weddings

So far on the Wedding Biz, we have had multiple perspectives on planning and executing traditional Western weddings. Therefore, I am incredibly thrilled to bring you Nikki Khan, founder of L.A-based Exquisite Events. Nikki has found her place as the luxury wedding planner for traditional, yet magical South Asian weddings. The scale of Nikki’s events can be difficult to wrap your mind around. For some perspective, her own wedding had over 1,000 guests! Luxury South Asian weddings are multi-day events filled with spectacular design, entertainment, ceremony, and family. Nikki has the right mixture of business savvy, taste, and attention to detail to be able to pull off events of this scale.

The daughter of a Pakistani diplomat, Nikki grew up with an international perspective and multiple cultural influences. She attended finishing school in Switzerland, and while her family was living in Europe, she was able to travel all over. These travels filled Nikki with a sense of awe that she uses as fuel for her splendid events. However, Nikki was not always determined to be in the wedding business. She was almost a nutritionist! Knowing her passions were found in entertaining and producing masterful events, Nikki started in the business a bit later than most of us—after her own children were older! Now her daughter is right by her side as an executive for Exquisite Events.

Pulling off a multi-day event like a South Asian wedding boils down to the details. Nikki keeps herself grounded amidst the multiple events, ceremonies, and receptions that comprise a South Asian wedding by meditating on what really matters. Nikki has always placed her family foremost in her life, and at the heart of every wedding are two families joining together forever. She cherishes the valuable connection of family and builds a sense of worth into every detail from the moment the doors open. The word Nikki uses most often to describe these events is “magical,” and I know you will agree once you hear all of what Nikki has to share.

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