Episode 39 Pauline Parry: The Masterful Orchestration of Good Gracious Events

Wedding planning, production, and design seem to require a bit of tenacity. To make it in the wedding and event industry, you have to be willing to take a risk and execute a vision. It turns out that you also need to be a bit opportunistic and ready to jump when the stars align. This philosophy has carried Pauline Parry very far in the business. She is the esteemed founder of Good Gracious, a Los Angeles-based company that is creating masterful events worldwide. Pauline and her team at Good Gracious specialize in production and event design, gourmet cuisine, and flawless execution at any location. I have Pauline on the show today because her success in business wasn’t a one-shot effort, and her diverse experiences make for some wonderful storytelling.

Pauline decided to seize the opportunity to move with her new husband and two children from her home country of Great Britain to L.A. With no money, no business plan, and a passion for food and good company, Pauline dared to start her own catering business. This one venture led to many more, including a failed café, planning a few weddings, and now a high-end event production company. Pauline has learned more from her failures than her successes, and she encourages anyone in the business to keep following where passion leads. Pauline’s business had so much organic growth, and that was nurtured by her enterprising spirit and ahead-of-her-time ideas. Events by Pauline are masterfully conducted. She is most certainly shaping the industry in the best ways. Listen today to hear her inspiring story.

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