Episode 73 THE NEXT LEVEL: Roy Yamaguchi: Cuisine, Culture & Community

In today’s episode, Andy and Melissa dive a little deeper into Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s interview on The Wedding Biz. Roy is our first Chef to appear on the show and he really brought the value.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The unexpected humility that Roy displays
  • How focusing on culture cause Roy to make some out of the box business decisions
  • Why creating the right culture can allow you to hire the right team
  • The difference that Mastery brings to any skill
  • Roy’s focus on creating an experience and a feeling, rather than just serving technically perfect food.


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Episode 72 Chef Roy Yamaguchi: Cuisine, Culture & Community

On today’s episode, Andy shares with us the honor of sitting down with renowned chef Roy Yamaguchi, as he shares his story. Roy shares his experiences from coming to the United States for the first time to attend culinary school, starting his first restaurant in Los Angeles, and finally creating Roy’s in Hawaii.

Listen in as Roy shares with Andy, as well as the rest of us, his passion, his mission, and his hopes for the future.

Show Highlights:

  • How HomeEc sparked Roy’s culinary path
  • The moment he decided to commit to cooking and pursue Culinary school in America
  • Roy shares his first experience of New York compared to living in Japan
  • The reason Roy went with his gut on opening his restaurant in Hawaii, when everyone told him not to
  • What Roy took away from Cheers and the influence that played in creating his restaurant
  • Roy shares the value of having a team and the importance of everyone having a voice
  • Why sometimes you’ve got to let ideas marinate
  • The difference in what makes a great Chef versus what makes a great Cook
  • How social media has helped Roy personalize his guests’ dining experience
  • How Roy manages to balance his work and personal life


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