Greg Finck is Andy’s guest on this episode of The Next Level. Greg is a wonderful and brilliant photographer, based in Paris, and is here with Andy to discuss Alejandra Poupel. Alejandra is the owner of Alejandra Poupel Events and is based out of Paris as well, she plans and designs for a wide variety of events all over the world.

Greg and Alejandra both work all over the globe, and they believe that when you operate internationally, you must plan your events to work with different cultures. Hence, her events and his photographs tend to be tailor-made for those unique clients. He also agrees with her that to have a successful company the business side is just as important as the creative side.

Andy and Greg also dive into what Alejandra said about the importance of using Instagram to not only focus on the client but when possible, to help showcase yourselves and the other vendors at events. You must always put the client first, but helping the other vendors when you can, helps build a camaraderie that can land you more events and, with the destination wedding market so strong in Europe, the growth potential is limitless. 

Listen to Andy and Greg discuss this fantastic entrepreneur; her insight and talent are what sets her apart. Alejandra has the business acumen and creative expertise to be around the industry for many years to come. If you haven’t listened to her episode of The Wedding Biz, you should because you don’t want to miss the chance to hear how she became the businesswoman she is today.


Show Highlights:

  • [01:18] Welcome to the show, Greg!
  • [02:20] Greg agrees with Alejandra that when planning events around the world, you have to tailor-make each event for the different cultures.
  • [04:51] They discuss the difference in each culture with examples about Middle Eastern and Chinese weddings.
  • [06:49] Greg speaks about how important Instagram is to photographers and planners in the industry today.
  • [09:46] He feels that you need to serve the client first but also help the vendors out by getting good shots of their offerings too.
  • [11:03] Greg agrees with Alejandra on how business and being creative share equal elements of a successful company.
  • [15:15] Do you agree that the destination wedding market in Europe is growing exponentially?
  • [16:38] Greg, thank you so much for being here today.


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