In this episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and Julie Novack, CEO and Co-Founder of Party Slate, chat about Ali Barone’s interview on the Wedding Biz. Party Slate is a photo rich website where leading event professionals share their work, build their brand and drive leads.

Listen in as they talk about why Ali started her own company, how she built her business with her ideal clients, and how she has her clients pin on their pinterest board with reckless abandon. Julie speaks about getting involved with the community when building your team, and how there are no bad ideas when brainstorming. Andy and Julie are professionals in this industry and never disappoint so sit back, unplug and listen to this entertaining discussion.

Show Highlights:

  • [00:53] Welcome back to the show Julie!
  • [02:28] Andy chats with Julie about Ali Barone and using imagination instead of devices.
  • [05:10] They discuss how Ali stated that she wanted to choose her ideal clients, and set her own schedule which is why she started her own company.
  • [06:15] Andy says he loved the way Ali went to locations where clients she wanted to work with hung out so she could build relationships with them.
  • [08:15] Julie speaks about getting involved with the community to find clients, investors and employees.
  • [11:50] They chat about challenges, bumps in the road that all businesses face and how you have to just work through them to persevere.
  • [13:25] Julie says you have to let people on your team know about the challenges so they can help solve the problems.
  • [14:40] They talk about how Ali said she has her clients pin on a pinterest board “with reckless abandon.”
  • [16:11] Julie says there are no bad ideas when brainstorming for events.
  • [17:25] They were in total agreement that people now want to do something different with their events.
  • [18:20] Julie said that Party Slate website has over 500,000 photos now from events.

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Julie Novack, CEO and Co-Founder of Party Slate


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