When does it make sense to change the dynamics of a company? Listen, as Andy and Robert Sherman discuss how changing the leadership of Evoke Design led Jeannette Tavares and Jodi Moraru to greater personal and business success. Robert is the President of Washington Talent and Andy’s business partner with Kushner Entertainment. Andy interviewed him on The Wedding Biz in November of last year as they announced their partnership. 

Evoke Design is based in Washington, D.C, and serving clients worldwide. Jeannette is the Chief Creative Director, and Jodi is a producer; however, it wasn’t always like that. Jodi founded the company, hired Jeannette, who eventually became a producer, and later Jeannette bought out the company. Although their roles have reversed, they are now individually more successful as well as the company as a whole.

Listen as Robert and Andy discuss the similarities between their partnership with Kushner Entertainment and the connection Jeannette and Jodi have with Evoke Design. Jodi and Andy both tired of working the operations sides of their businesses and needed to get their creative juices flowing again, and Jeannette and Robert both excel at the business side. They also speak about the way the Evoke Design team treats their creative partners, the fact that they have both worked with them, and can say from experience they know how to nurture people.

A partnership can be great when it is done the right way, with the right people. Listen in to hear how Jeannette and Jodi did it right and are now thriving in a way that makes them both happy and allows them to both live their best lives.  


Show Highlights:

  • [01:23] Robert, welcome to the show!
  • [02:26] Robert discusses the respect and admiration he could feel radiates between Jeannette and Jodi.
  • [03:15] They chat about how lucky Jodi was to find Jeannette, someone who took mental ownership before she ever took legal ownership.
  • [04:24] Robert speaks about the way Jeannette spoke to Jodi about wanting to own her own business, which started the conversation about her owning Evoke Design.
  • [06:03] Andy shares that Jodi was tired of the operations side of the company, and not getting to be creative resonated with him for the same reason.
  • [08:12] An educational journey is how Jeannette described the year that she and Jodi discussed the change of ownership. 
  • [12:56] Andy and Robert discuss how Evoke Design works with their creative partners and how nurturing they are.
  • [14:08] Robert shares an example of how Evoke Design treats creative partners.
  • [16:11] Thank you, everyone, for listening to the show.


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