When you think of experiencing personalized and experiential destination weddings, you most likely need to be thinking of Harlan and Kara, The Travel Siblings. This duo has been designing private and intimate events and luxury travel experiences around the globe for years through their affiliation with the Elite Division of Travel Leaders  – Tzell Travel Group and were recently recognized by Conde Nast as the “Best Agents for Destination Weddings”.

The pair found their love for travel when Harlan was working as a traveling opera singer as a young teen. He would often bring his younger sister Kara on a few getaways in between tours. There, they both fell in love with the art of luxurious travel, fine dining, and unique global experiences. These moments informed and influenced the pair’s business of offering unforgettable luxury travel experiences uniquely catered to their clients whom wish to wed at a magical destinations.

Today, Andy, Harlan, and Kara share a fun and lively talk about how the sibling’s upbringing shaped their passions and careers, and how they manage to work together creatively and professionally. The three also chat about how they create experiences out of each destination, some of their favorite and most wild honeymoon and wedding stories to date, and what the best part of their job really is to them. This luxurious and decadent episode will have you ready to book your own destination wedding with the one and only Harlan and Kara. Listen to their full episode right here.