Andy really hopes that you will embark on a journey through the vibrant world of public speaking with returning guest Christina Matteucci, also known as Teucci Mama. In this lively conversation, Christina, the executive director of David Beahm Experiences, draws on her two decades of global event execution experience. With a theatrical background from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Christina explores the power and artistry of public speaking.

Christina delves into the essence of being a successful speaker, likening it to a competitive sport that demands dedication and consistent effort. From choosing a relevant and impactful topic to delivering a compelling performance, Christina shares her insights on crafting a talk that resonates with the audience. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and vulnerability, drawing from her own experiences, including a TED talk on the “mystique of freak.”

The conversation spans the preparation process, from writing and rehearsing talks to dealing with unexpected challenges and the nuances and overwhelm of memorization. Christina shares her unique techniques, such as the “Swiss cheese” method for handling audience expressions, providing valuable tips for speakers at every level of expertise.

As a sought-after keynote talent and business coach, Christina encourages professionals in the weddings and events industry to engage in speaking. She highlights the transformative power of public speakers advocating for themselves, and her journey from humble beginnings in small venues to becoming a recognized speaker serves as inspiration for those seeking to make an impact through public speaking!

Listen in to this dynamic conversation with Andy and Christina to unlock the secrets of effective public speaking and elevate your game in the world of events and conferences! Andy is hopeful that you enjoy this conversation with Christina, and if so, then he encourages you to not keep it to yourself! Be sure to share the episode with a few good friends who might also enjoy it, and be sure to also leave a top review wherever you listen to the show, as that really helps the show out! Lastly, don’t forget to follow The Wedding Biz on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode when it drops!


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Time Stamps

[0:03] – Andy is enjoying a month in Maui, embracing beach life, music, and exciting adventures.

[4:06] – Andy reveals that today’s guest is returning guest Christina Matteucci!

[5:52] – In the special events industry, advocacy and knowledge-sharing fosters teamwork and improvement.

​​[8:40] – Christina argues that public speaking success, akin to a competitive sport, demands consistent skill development.

[11:32] – In a recent TED talk, Christina emphasizes embracing uniqueness, illustrating how authenticity elevates speaker effectiveness and captivates audiences.

[14:09] – Christina believes in prioritizing substance over visuals and articulating a compelling idea that sparks change.

[17:02] – Crafting impactful talks involves challenging audience misconceptions.

[19:51] – Christina points out that speakers are at their finest when they’re well prepared and rehearsed.

[21:04] – How does Christina prepare to give a public speech?

[24:30] – Christina memorizes every word of her speeches in advance, which empowers stage freedom.

[27:41] – Speakers advocating for themselves is vital; make sure that needs are met, assess the venue, and prioritize emotional protection.

[30:45] – Christina argues for facing unexpected challenges confidently and engaging the audience actively.

[33:05] – Hear about Christina’s “swiss cheese” method.

[34:35] – We are advised to surround ourselves with supportive individuals, to practice in front of others, to seek constructive criticism, and to stay focused.

[37:22] – Christina emphasizes requesting feedback from colleagues during 30-minute talk sessions.

[39:35] – Establish a distinct perspective in public speaking, starting small, embracing humility, and building credibility through consistent engagements.

[42:47] – Christina does coach people, something that she very much enjoys doing.

[45:01] – Andy reveals where Christina can be found online.



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