Join Andy for this episode of The Wedding Biz as returning guest Simon T. Bailey sits down with him to talk about his latest book, Resilience@Work: How to Coach Yourself into a Thriving Future! Simon shares insights on bouncing back better, the metaphor of surfing as a universal concept for resilience, and the significance of intentional actions and relationships.

Their discussion delves into the practical techniques for building resilience, including reflecting at the end of each day, maintaining mental health, and expressing gratitude, with Simon emphasizing the value of therapy, the impact of a positive workplace culture, and the helper’s high attained through intentional kindness.

Andy and Simon also discuss reframing worry and anxiety, encouraging listeners to spiral up rather than down. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights and actionable strategies for cultivating resilience in both personal and professional spheres. Simon’s expertise and positivity make for an engaging and uplifting conversation, leaving listeners inspired to embrace change and foster resilience in their own lives.

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Time Stamps

[0:04] – After a month in Hawaii, Andy reflects on the challenges of returning, emphasizing manifesting dreams through belief.

[1:28] – Andy introduces returning guest Simon T. Bailey!

[3:23] – In Solana Beach, Simon draws a life lesson from surfing, urging resilience and bouncing back.

[4:38] – Simon embraces failure as a feedback mechanism, emphasizing learning, intentionality, and focusing on successes over setbacks.

[6:10] – Hear Simon share a significant business investment, highlighting the value of saying yes and embracing growth through challenges.

[8:59] – Simon emphasizes the importance of leaders setting the tone for positive environments.

[11:42] – Andy reveals how he has learned to focus on positive aspects before addressing improvement opportunities.

[13:42] – Andy gains show inspiration from wedding industry success, discussing key insights like personal responsibility and positive change reframing.

[16:40] – Simon explains that he builds resilience by prioritizing mental health and pursuing continuous learning.

[18:21] – To cultivate resilience, Simon advocates for daily reflection, prioritizing well-being, and fostering gratitude through showing appreciation to others.

[21:19] – To combat anxiety, Simon advises visualizing past successes, creating a positive interruption and taking control of thoughts.

[22:32] – Andy praises Simon’s concept of “spiraling up” as a visual tool for reframing challenges positively, fostering resilience.

[23:51] – Andy reveals where Simon can be found online.



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