Sometimes we have to go through a preparation period before we’re able to tackle our dreams head on. Today Andre Wells, event planner, designer, and fashion enthusiast, shares his own personal growth process and how it led him to create his own flourishing business.

Andre also talks about the positive impact he’s seen in his career through pursuing a clear vision and putting forth the hard work necessary to propel you into the right place at the right time. Tune into this episode of The Wedding Biz with your host, Andy Kushner to hear more about manifesting your dreams and building a reputable brand, in a seemingly limited industry.

Show Highlights:

  • What sparked Andre’s passion for his current career
  • Building your brand to manifest your dreams
  • The power of having a clear vision
  • The importance of having freedom of creativity
  • Getting the experience necessary to prepare you to reach your goals
  • Having a signature aesthetic to translate your image
  • Making a thoughtful experience feel subtle and not overdone
  • Finding a team that you can trust to execute your vision
  • How to find the right creative partners
  • Making creativity and business coincide
  • The added value of intangible elements
  • Feeling confident in what you bring to the table
  • Being able to say no when people aren’t a right fit for you
  • Being a minority in the event industry
  • Letting your work speak for itself
  • Adapting to changes as time progresses
  • Expanding into different markets
  • Targeting your direct market
  • Stepping outside of the market and working geographically
  • Growing organically into different markets

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