Today, Andy and guest host, Julie Sabatino of The Stylish Bride, discuss highlights from this week’s interview with Laurie Arons. Laurie is a talented, luxury event and wedding planner who previously shared many generous and thoughtful tips on how to build relationships, a social media platform, and your business. This episode breaks down and evaluates those tactics in a way that will help you implement them into your own business. Join Andy Kushner and Julie Sabatino on this episode of The Next Level.

Show Highlights:

  • Creating a brand image that reflects who you are
  • The impact of having a memorable follow-up
  • Being thoughtful about how you execute persistence
  • Responding to people with a sense of urgency
  • Paying it forward and building good relationships
  • Building a loyal following with curated images
  • How to present the real and polished elements of your business
  • Being generous with giving credit to others
  • Bringing authenticity to your work
  • The importance of time management

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