Angela Desveaux is the founder, publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of WedLuxe Media, which includes her print and online magazines, a trendsetting blog, a wedding show, an online boutique, and many other facets. But the path to all this success wasn’t easy, as she shares in this week’s episode. Angela recalls her first few years of building the magazine with her husband Bruce and what it was like to bet it all on the business. It’s a story many entrepreneurs can relate to, and she gives sage advice to anyone looking to strike out on their own in the industry.

In today’s episode, Angela and Andy explore the ever-challenging path to success, and how with enough determination and often sheer willpower, you can achieve what you set out to. The pair also discuss how to find balance professionally and personally, the secret to running a business with a spouse, and what’s on the horizon for WedLuxe Media. It’s a tale of following your gut and setting out to do a difficult but immensely rewarding task. The full interview is available right here.