Welcome to the Wedding Biz Christina Matteucci, the Executive Director at David Beahm Experiences. Christina is on the show to discuss how to be the best “number two” to your “number ones,” and how your “number ones” can best support the “number twos.” Andy and Christina take a deep dive into this topic as it is one that Christina has spoken about at several events, not the least of which is the Engage Summit.

Christina is affectionately known as “Teuccimama” by her colleagues and friends in the events industry and has been in the industry for almost two decades. She has first-hand experience in creating a sustainable and functional infrastructure to support a growing creative talent. Her experience has made her a highly sought-after resource in the event industry and a captivating speaker on all things “Number Two.” 

Christina has so many amazing nuggets of information to share about building a business around a creative talent and what that entails. Listen in as she reveals a bit about her past, her love for the performing arts, and how she managed to combine her childhood dream with a love for events to create an amazing career. Christina is a force in the industry and shares what it took for her to move!

Show Highlights:

[01:53] Andy welcomes Christina to the show and asks about her tag line on the about page of David Beahm Experiences. 

[03:43] What was Christina’s focus at NYU Tisch School of the Arts? 

[04:46] Why did Christina go to Tisch? 

[06:21] Christina shares her post-graduation experiences and why she turned away from the performing arts. 

[08:24] How bridal magazines and The Knot influenced Christina’s new career path and goals.

[11:26] Christina found David Beahm on The Knot… and did her research.

[12:25] What could Christina bring to the table with David Beahm’s company? 

[13:24] Christina shares her strategy for being noticed by David Beahm.

[14:06] How she finally got her chance to speak with him and wowed him into hiring her during a very volatile time.

[17:52] How counseling has helped Christina and David’s work relationship.

[19:05] What are Christina’s responsibilities as executive director of destinations?

[21:17] Christina explains her beliefs on how number 1s and number 2s create magic together.

[23:45] Why David’s support is the reason Christina is so great at enhancing his business.

[26:29] Christina has never considered herself an entrepreneur… she’s a king-maker!

[30:10] Turnover costs money. Christina shares how David Beahm Experiences has reduced their turnover.

[31:58] Why success does not mean having your name on the door.

[33:46] What can a number one do to keep a number two? 

[37:59] Number ones shouldn’t fear the development of their number twos.

[39:15] Christina’s alternative name for number twos.

[40:57] How to nurture current clients into becoming legacy clients.

[44:18] What topics are on Christina’s mind for her public speaking engagements? 

[45:52] How to reach Christina!


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