Darren Olarsch, Founder of On The Move Entertainment, has built a business out of creating the ultimate music-scapes for every event he puts on.  He is sought after for his focus on live bands and orchestras and creating the most amazing dramatic music scenes for his events. 

Learn how music is the keystone of each event and how Darren layers his musical themes to create a magical dream-scape for all of his events. Also, learn how Darren manages his business and vision for every event. You won’t want to miss this amazing inside look at how Darren blends business and creativity in creating the ultimate experience!

Show Highlights:

[02:45] Welcome Darren to the show! Andy and Darren talk about their musical influences and when the bug got them!

[06:15] What happened that pushed Darren toward music vs archeology?

[07:50] Learn how taking a chance outside of school made all the difference.

[09:42] Building the form of each specialized event has become the soul of Darren’s business.

[11:38] Fast forward to 1990 when Darren was in Miami… learn all about Latin orchestras!

[13:29] The hybrid of a live band and DJ… the answer to a very specific need.

[15:57] How did live music mature in the party space?

[18:48] Why is live music making a resurgence?
[21:18] The big-band and swing feel is what Darren works toward… that large feel is what is coming back.

[23:00] That gorgeous feel of a full band playing the current hits is what is making it!

[24:17] What is the curation process for a wedding?

[28:29] Each “next thing” for Preston’s event was a reigning moment.

[29:33] Defining entertainment through layers of music is Darren’s goal.

[31:33] Every party is different, what is the common factor? 

[33:49] People don’t have focus anymore, learn what you can do to grab them!

[35:33] Learn how to build an entertainment business for events.

[38:14] Learn how various social effects affect the events industry.

[39:17] Where is music going? And what does that mean for Darren? 

[40:18] A well-rounded entertainment company needs….

[45:37] How does Darren stay in touch with clients and future clients? 

[47:35] How does the changing face of music affect the brand? 

[49:19] Check out Darren Olarsch on social media!


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