Today’s guest is a Part 2 interview with renowned New York City event designer and producer David Stark, Chief Creative Officer of David Stark Design and Production, whose team creates events worldwide for weddings, entertainment, fashion, publishing, arts, media, and consumer product industries.

David’s high profile clients and events include Brad Pitt, Glenn Close, Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary, Louis Vuitton and more! He also creates high-visibility events & fundraising Galas for the nations most elite. David has 5 books published, so far, and has product collaborations including a limited edition arts collection with Bergdorf Goodman, has been a guest expert on many television shows, featured numerous times in various major publications, and is a Hall of Fame member of Biz Bash

Listen in today and hear how David keeps the creative flow going, runs his business, and never stops innovating.

Show Highlights:

    • Re-released David’s Part One of The Wedding Biz interviews on December 10th, 2018
    • Boundaries David pushed this past year, with some examples
    • A stunning Harry Potter inspired event that David created
    • Some of the biggest lessons and challenges David had this past year
    • Trying to find the balance between work and life
    • Building a business structure in itself is a creative act
    • How to empower your teams  
    • Examples of how David facilitates such a successful work environment
    • Having a mission statement and discussing it, with your team, to ensure a unified goal
    • Giving feedback after events, feedback sessions
    • How David manages his team and deals with employee departures
    • How David chooses his partner teams for each event
    • How important lighting is at an event
  • David’s perspective on pricing