As David Stark says, putting together a team is one of the most creative things you can do. That is just one of the dynamic topics Andy discusses with today’s guest co-host, on The Next Level, Sean Low of the Business of Being Creative.

Today, we discuss David Stark’s interview – a Part 2.  David is Chief Creative Officer of David Stark Design and Production. High profile clients and events include Brad Pitt, Glenn Close, Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary, Louis Vuitton and more! David has five books published so far and product collaborations including a limited edition collection of one of a kind art pieces with Bergdorf Goodman. David was also inducted into the event organization Biz Bash’s hall of Fame.

Show Highlights:

  • How you need to see every departure of an employee as an opportunity
  • Making sure you have the right team for each event
  • How to empower teams to be successful
  • Discussing the mission statement together, with your team, in order to have a unified goal
  • Pricing, a sensitive issue and what David does that works for him
  • How Sean feels about pricing and about David’s methods
  • Picking the right partners for each particular job

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