Andy is bringing us a very important interview pertinent right now in the weddings and events industry. The Live Events Coalition is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s devastating impact on the live events industry to provide advocacy, resources, and a network that connects and supports businesses, contractors, and the general event industry workforce. It established a national Facebook group that wants to connect, share stories, opportunities, or just support the live event’s mission, with its members now reaching 23,000.

Nancy Shaffer is the Founder and CEO of Bravo Events and the Board President and Director of the Live Events Coalition. Listen as Nancy discusses how the Coalition got started, what the Coalition is doing to advocate for and support the live events industry, and what is specifically being discussed and done for the industry as a whole.

Nancy shares ways that people can become a member, start a localized chapter, and/or volunteer. Over 12 million people are being deeply and adversely affected in the live events industry, and Nancy and the Coalition want you to know that you are not alone. They are fighting for you every day. 

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Show Highlights:

[01:53] Welcome to the show, Nancy!

[02:23] Nancy shares how her own company has evolved since the pandemic.

[04:10] Listen as Nancy speaks about how the Coalition got started.

[07:05] Nancy was assigned to be the point of contact to work with the Live Events Coalition.

[07:38] Nancy shares the two-fold mission of the Live Events Coalition.

[08:43] What is the Coalition doing to advocate for and support the live events industry?

[10:53] Nancy discusses how the industry of over 12 million people is being hit in multiple ways.

[11:46] What is specifically being talked about and done for the industry as a whole?

[12:42] Nancy shares the five things that the Coalition is advocating for.

[16:07] Listen as Nancy speaks about what people can do if they want to start a localized group.

[18:47] Besides starting a chapter, becoming a member of the Live Events Coalition is another way you can support the cause.

[20:00] If you want to volunteer, a box will pop-up when you become a member of the Coalition on the site.

[21:30] Nancy’s final words are, remember you are not alone. We are fighting.

[22:33] Thank you for being on the show!




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