Andy’s guest co-host today is Kim Wiseley, Founder and Creative Director of Flutter Magazine, and she recently created a new sister company called The Floral Pantry.

Listen as they discuss Joy’s outlook on how the design relates to the location, the inclusive proposal she gives her clients, plus much more on this episode of The Next Level.

Today, Andy and Kim talk about Joy Proctor of Joy Proctor Design, a full-service design house. She has been named amongst the top in the world and a leader in the industry by Harper’s Bazaar and Brides. Joy has designed well over 400 weddings worldwide and does photo styling, creative direction, and production for clients.

Kim and Andy speak about why the location plays a big role in how Joy designs an event, how she walks through the area with her clients to see what excites them and uses that to inspire what she designs. Kim also discusses Joy’s proposals, which includes everything from what the guests are wearing to the flowers and lighting.

Kim shares how she met Joy and some editorial projects they have worked on together. She describes their Hearts of Flutter retreats, that they created together, and how the people who attend become like family after the experience because of their bonds. Andy speaks about Joy putting herself in front of issues like racial bias and other inequalities because she isn’t afraid to speak out.

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Show Highlights:

  • [01:15] Welcome to the show, Kim!
  • [01:27] Kim discusses the new company and why she created it.
  • [03:57] Kim speaks about Joy’s outlook on the design being related to the event’s location.
  • [05:02] Joy takes what makes her clients excited to inspire her design for the event.
  • [05:41] Kim talks about Joy’s proposals for an event and what they includes.
  • [09:13] Kim discusses working with Joy on editorial styling projects and how they met.
  • [11:10] Kim shares a project she and Joy worked on together called The Astrology Guide.
  • [12:22] The Hearts of Flutter tours are retreats that Joy and Kim created to travel with like-minded women.
  • [15:15] Kim speaks about having to push this year’s trip back because of the pandemic.
  • [16:47] Thank you for being on the show!


This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Kim Wiseley, Founder and Creative Director of Flutter Magazine.

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