Ceci Johnson is recognized as the founder of couture invitation design and her design studio, Ceci New York, having worked in over 40 countries, is globally renowned as the leader in luxury invitation design.  Her client list reads like a who’s who of A-list celebrities, royalty, international sports stars, fashion icons, dignitaries and global luxury brands.  As a celebrated artist her paintings hang in private collections worldwide. Ceci’s fashion-forward style and sophisticated aesthetic have lead her to be named by Tory Burch as a “Woman to Watch”, and called by Anna Wintour of Vogue magazine “a favorite designer”. Her work has appeared in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The New York Times, USA Today, InStyle, W Magazine, Town & Country and many more too numerous to mention.

Listen as Ceci shares what she has been doing to stay creative during the slowdown, how she has kept busy expanding her company to include a Palm Beach presence, how she is creating the lifestyle brand she has always dreamed of and how she is now getting into fashion by collaborating with women’s clothing designers and working on product launches with her art on them.  Ceci believes if you set small achievable goals it will bring back your positive energy.

Ceci speaks with us about expanding her business and her new IGTV series which showcases some of the rebranding work she and Ceci New York are doing for companies around the world.  She shares how she is seizing this unique moment in time to set herself up for when the pandemic is over, and life and events resume, so that her company will reap the benefits of having a forward-looking vision and preparing for what people will desire in the future.

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Show Highlights:

[02:53] Welcome back, Ceci!

[05:22] Ceci speaks about how the pandemic has impacted her business.

[08:28] Ceci shares how hard it’s been.

[10:23] “As a creative, I miss the collaborative energy in the room.”

[12:05] Andy discusses a form of journaling that he started in the 90s and has resumed doing since the pandemic.

[15:21] Ceci shares what she is doing to stay creative and grow her business during the slowdown.

[20:13] Ceci discusses being strong for her team and finding ways to expand the path she has always been on.

[21:38] Ceci takes us through the timeline as she created the lifestyle brand she has dreamed about.

[23:56] Ceci talks about her collaboration designing masks with Nuage Designs.

[27:07] Ceci shares she had to pick herself up from the floor, be strong, and get through because failing was not an option.

[29:22] Ceci believes that you get your passion and positive energy back when you set small goals that you feel you can achieve.

[31:19] Ceci speaks about rebranding herself and starting an IGTV series that shows her creative process.

[34:05] Thank you so much for being on the show!




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