Andy welcomes Elizabeth Solaru to this episode of The Wedding Biz! Elizabeth is the founder of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium and Luxury Business Emporium and creates the most opulent and decadent handcrafted cakes using the finest ingredients! With clients that include British, European, and Middle Eastern royalty; international celebrities; and high net worth individuals, Elizabeth’s creations have been featured in many prestigious national and international publications! She has even appeared on several television programs as a luxury expert and is a regular on Sky TV, being the only three-time winner of The Great Cake Bake! She is also a published author, having published the bestselling book Opulencia: Artisan Baking & Sugarcraft and offers master classes in cake-making and overall business consulting.

Elizabeth discusses various aspects of her career with Andy, such as her former job as a biomedical scientist and how it was more than two decades before she fully made the switch to making cakes. She also details her artistic process and what it tends to look like between her and her clients, gives an example of one of her favorite client experiences, reveals some of her greatest disasters and what she learned from them, explains how she balances art and business and how she was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic being that many of her clients are international, and so much more such as her experience of having a cake of hers featured in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding!

Andy found his conversation with Elizabeth to be so fascinating and such a pleasure and hopes that you have as much fun listening to the conversation as he did having it! Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium online, and until the next episode of The Wedding Biz, please share this interview with at least three good friends who might also benefit from it, and leave a review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:36] – Andy reveals that today’s special guest is Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium and Luxury Business Emporium.

[2:31] – Elizabeth talks a bit about her background in microbiology.

[3:45] – We learn how and why Elizabeth made the leap from microbiology to cake designing.

[5:48] – We discover that it was about 23 years before Elizabeth made the switch to making cakes.

[8:57] – Elizabeth credits Ron Ben-Israel as being her hero.

[10:28] – Elizabeth describes the artistic process between her and her clients.

[14:11] – Elizabeth gives an example of one of her favorite experiences with a client.

[17:15] – Elizabeth addresses the pressure that she feels as a result of this job.

[18:48] – We learn about some of Elizabeth’s catastrophes and what she learned from them.

[22:51] – Elizabeth reflects on how she balances art with business.

[26:38] – Andy and Elizabeth discuss what she still struggles with and what is most challenging for her in this industry.

[29:20] – We discover whether or not Elizabeth plans to follow up on Opulencia and write another book.

[31:01] – Elizabeth enthuses over her cakes being featured in movies such as My Best Friend’s Wedding.

[33:07] – We learn about Elizabeth’s master classes.

[36:10] – Find out where Elizabeth can be found online!



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The Wedding Biz Episode 328 A Conversation With: RON BEN-ISRAEL


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