Joining Andy today is Sharon Sever, Head Designer for Galia Lahav. Galia Lahav has established itself as one of the leading couture fashion houses, with garments characterized by their high-end fabrications, meticulous sewing techniques, and their unique technology to make each piece meet exact measurements even from overseas. They have flagship stores in major cities all over the world and are a part of 70 retailers including the most exclusive and luxurious. You can read more about the company on their website and see some of their amazing collections.

As a dedicated student, Sharon left his family and hometown in Ashdod, Israel, to pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion designer in one of the world’s most recognized in the artform – Paris. A graduate from the Paris American Academy, Sharon also apprenticed with fashion icons, including Christian Lacroix, Pierre Balmain, Carven, Balenciaga, and some of the other leading Parisian fashion houses. In this episode, in fact, Sharon shares how he was able to become an intern and the story illustrates how driven Sharon is in pursuing his passions. Now, and for the last 30+ years, Sharon has been working with Galia Lahav, who has been a mentor of his since he was a child.

Today, Sharon not only shares his background, but also inspires listeners to pursue their own passions. He demonstrates through his will power and dedication to his craft that it is worth it all and more.



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Time Stamps

[2:26] – Sharon shares his background and how he found a passion for fashion.

[4:01] – After serving in the military, Sharon went to school and pursued his passion.

[6:08] – Sharon has had the opportunity to work with high profile designers through internships.

[8:00] – He knew he wanted to work in couture and bring high fashion to Israel.

[9:37] – Brides are more willing to try elaborate creations for their wedding.

[11:45] – Sharon recognized early on that couture and high fashion wasn’t just for the red carpet.

[14:08] – When designing, Sharon can visualize the perfect bride and wedding down to every detail.

[15:48] – Connecting with clients is personally important to Sharon.

[16:40] – What is Sharon’s inspiration for each collection?

[20:18] – Covid-19 has changed how Sharon works with clients.

[22:23] – Through a special technology they have developed, Sharon’s company offers couture design virtually.

[24:38] – Sharon describes the most challenging element in designing for a bride.

[25:58] – Following his feelings is important to Sharon.

[26:49] – Even with his expertise, Sharon admits that there’s always pressure.

[29:02] – Social media has brought more focus on every detail.

[32:01] – Sharon’s advice is to go for the things you are passionate about and be yourself.

[33:36] – Sharon describes what he sees as the future for Galia Lahav and his work.


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