Today’s guest spot goes to Paul Morse, who chats with Andy about his career as a professional photographer! Paul is of Paul Morse Studios based in New Orleans, and his talent and unique style have earned him the trust of presidents, world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, and numerous bridal couples. He enjoyed a successful photojournalism career with the Los Angeles Times and then served as a White House photographer documenting the lives of President George W. Bush and his family as well as President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremonies.

Paul walks us through when he first realized that he had a pull toward photography and why he first got into it, touching upon his first few jobs. (Incredibly, even though he has had several jobs, he has always had a career in photography!) He reflects on his time with the Los Angeles Times, his position as Deputy Director of Photography at the White House, and how he came to be interested in wedding photography. He also touches upon his strengths as a photographer, how he tends to tackle challenges (using a specific example of a time when he used rain to his advantage), how he feels about film vs. digital, how he approaches things like framing and lighting, what his greatest challenge is, and so much more!

Andy is so appreciative of Paul’s time and had such a great time talking with him, and he hopes that you enjoy listening to the conversation! If you can think of at least three good friends who might benefit from and enjoy this chat with Paul, be sure to share it with them! Andy would also be appreciative if you were to leave a top review wherever you listen to the podcast!

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Time Stamps

[0:47] – We learn that today’s guest is photographer Paul Morse.

[2:03] – Paul reveals when he first felt a strong pull toward photography.

[3:49] – Paul reflects on his transition after working for the Los Angeles Times.

[4:50] – Discover how Paul came to be involved in wedding photography.

[6:17] – Paul discusses G.W. Bush’s presidency and what he learned photographing him.

[8:13] – Paul touches upon the humanity that he captured in his presidential photography.

[10:20] – Andy points to a specific photo of Paul’s featuring four presidents joking together.

[12:04] – Paul shares what he believes to be his strengths as a photographer.

[13:34] – We hear about how Paul encourages vulnerability in his subjects.

[16:30] – Paul reflects on a time that he used the rain to his advantage.

[18:19] – Paul walks us through the initial process with his clients.

[20:03] – We learn how Paul feels about film vs. digital.

[22:20] – Paul discusses how he approaches things like framing and lighting.

[23:47] – Paul shares his thoughts about the current social media age.

[25:30] – Paul admits that he still struggles with insecurity.

[28:08] – We discover what gear Paul uses now.

[29:31] – Andy reveals where we can find Paul online.


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