In today’s episode of The Wedding Biz, Andy is excited to welcome John Emmanuel. John is the premier floral designer out of Sydney, Australia. He is best known for creating exquisite grand scale floral installations, and whatever he creates has a stunning element of luxury. A known leader in his market, John has worked alongside many high profile Australian wedding planners in continuous collaboration with some of Sydney’s most luxurious events. He also hosts “The John Emmanuel Luxury Wedding Masterclass.”

John takes us on a journey of his childhood, the tragedy of losing his mother at age three, and working at his grandma and aunt’s floral shop at thirteen. He speaks about going to trade school on an apprenticeship at the age of fifteen to learn the floral business and why he has such a strong passion for weddings. He has a strong drive to succeed and he believes he got that from wanting more for himself and his children.

Listen in as John discusses how he felt when he sold the retail part of his business to concentrate on the wedding event side. They chat about his personal signature and how he defines it, the procedure he goes through from start to finish with a client, and why the reception flowers are the most critical part of the wedding for him.

Have you heard about John’s new line of luxury silk flowers? He says that they have been very well received and allow people, who wouldn’t be able to afford fresh flowers, to have the wedding of their dreams. John also describes his masterclass and what he will be teaching to the attendees.

The passion that John has for what he does is contagious. You feel this intense desire to go straight to his website and see his amazing floral design images. Look him up and then listen to this episode, you will be glad you did!

Show Highlights:

[02:54] John, welcome to the show!

[03:21] He was born in Australia, but his parents are from Maltese.

[03:50] John tells us about where he grew up and a little of his family background and where he started in the florist industry.

[05:52] They discuss tragedy and the influence it has on your life.

[06:24] He talks about working in the family flower shop.

[07:52] John tells us where his passion for weddings came from and what about them moves him so much.

[09:03] Did you go to college after high school?

[09:32] John went to a trade school on an apprenticeship to learn the florist industry at age 15.

[10:49] Where did you get the courage to chase a dream at such a young age?

[11:43] He started his own retail business and got married at a young age.

[13:08] John discusses the change in the wedding industry and how that affected his retail stores.

[14:21] Did you sell the retail side of the businesses because you felt you had enough clients on the wedding business side to compensate for the loss?

[15:32] John discusses the risk he took when he decided to go all-in on the wedding event side.

[16:47] How would you describe your personal signature to someone who doesn’t know the business?

[17:26] Reception flowers are what John loves the most; he tells us why.

[18:24] John tells us what his process is starting with the first visit with his client through the actual event.

[19:56] Do you appreciate when the client brings in a Pinterest board or pictures?

[21:32] He speaks about his need to stay true to his brand even if it means losing a client.

[21:52] John gives an example of one of his favorite events and what it felt like to see his design completed.

[23:13] How do you handle unexpected challenges that occur during an event?

[26:55] He discusses integrating the creative and business side of his business.

[29:07] His wife and children are involved in his business as well, and he chats about the challenges this incurs.

[31:08] How do you price what you do? Do you charge a styling fee?

[32:24] He talks about how he handles economic challenges.

[34:34] John tells us about his new line of luxury silk flower arrangements and why he started it.

[36:51] Tell us about your John Emmanuel Luxury Wedding Masterclass and what you will speak about.

[39:34] What tips would you give event designers when talking to their clients about  floral design?

[40:47] What would you tell a couple when it comes to choosing a floral designer?

[42:11] Success for John is family, passion, and clients.



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