In this episode of The Next Level, Andy welcomes back Sean Low. Sean’s consulting firm, The Business of Being Creative, focuses on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. His client list includes the who’s who of the wedding industry and design community.

John Emmanuel is the premier floral designer out of Sydney, Australia. He is best known for creating exquisite grand scale floral installations, and whatever he creates has a stunning element of luxury. A known leader in his market, John has worked alongside many high profile Australian wedding planners in continuous collaboration to some of Sydney’s most luxurious events. He also hosts “The John Emmanuel Luxury Wedding Masterclass.”

Listen in as Andy and Sean discuss John’s insight on being uncomfortable and how that keeps you from becoming complacent. They talk about how staying on brand is more important than losing clients and how being passionate about what you do is essential, but ultimately it is about making money.  John believes that when posting pictures of an event on social media, they need to be exquisite to showcase the finished product.

They talk about John’s comment about the rush of and how once you get it going, the importance of slowing down and really connecting creatively with your clients and how that allows you to know on a deeper level what they want the outcome to be.

It is always great to listen to Andy and Sean discuss icons of the industry, and this one is no exception. Listen as they chat about the brightest nuggets in John’s interview and give their insights and comments.


Show Highlights:

  • [01:52] As always, great to have you back, Sean!
  • [03:41] Sean discusses John’s statement that being uncomfortable with what you are doing keeps you from becoming complacent.
  • [05:34] They speak about how staying on the brand is more important than losing clients.
  • [07:11] Being passionate about what you do is essential, but ultimately it is about making money.
  • [08:38] Sean and Andy talk about how important it is for the pictures of an event for social media to look amazing.
  • [10:25] Slowing down and taking time with clients allows you to connect with them on a deeper creative level.
  • [12:40] Thank you for listening to today’s episode.



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