There are many digital platforms that provide inspiration for designing and organizing events, however PartySlate is an especially curated platform, using images, that offers such inspiration and connections to local professionals. Creating such a well-orchestrated and impactful company is no small feat, which is what makes building this creative source so impressive.

Julie Novack is not only the mastermind and CEO behind PartySlate, but also has 20 years of marketing experience working for top tier digital agencies. Join us in this episode of The Wedding Biz with Andy Kushner to learn more about raising venture capital, building a digital platform, and how to expand and continue to stay relevant.  And check out The Next Level episode, releasing Wednesday, in which Andy and guest co-host Sean Low, of The Business Of Being Creative, discuss Julie’s interview.


Show Highlights:

  • How childhood passion carries over to current career
  • Finding ways to get connected with local professionals and the best in the events industry
  • How to turn your ideas into reality
  • The importance of having mentors to hold you accountable
  • The logistics of raising venture capital
  • How Partyslate works
  • How the company is monetized
  • How to advertise for an online platform
  • How to stay ahead of what’s next in technology
  • What professionals need to make their work the most accessible
  • Establishing strong relationships with your clients
  • Taking advantage of the macro-shifts happening
  • Managing a team and keeping your employees motivated
  • Hiring people that are collaborative and invested
  • Balancing your personal life and your business
  • How to look into the future of a brand
  • Striving for global expansion







Sponsor: OFD Consulting  

Sponsor: Kushner Entertainment

“PartySlate Sign”
Photography by Jessica Bordner Photography | Decor by Renny & Reed | Planned by Posh Parties | Hosted at Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach

“PartySlate Team”
Photography by Kent Drake Photography | Planned by Paulette Wolf Events | Hosted at Venue West Chicago | Decor by Erin McDonald Co.

“PartySlate Website”
Photo courtesy of PartySlate