Andy is speaking with Micaela Erlanger on this episode of The Wedding Biz. Micaela is a celebrity stylist based out of New York City and Los Angeles and was named one of the most influential stylists by the Hollywood Reporter and has sustained that title for five years. Micaela has been honored with the Style Influencer Award by the Accessories Council, and she is also the Marie Claire Image Maker Award winner. She has styled numerous celebrities like Constance Wu, Lupita Nyong’o, and Jennifer Hudson, to name a few, and she recently styled Amanda Hearst for one of the most talked-about weddings of 2019. She is also the best selling author of the book, How to Accessorize: A Perfect Finish to Every Outfit.

Micaela tells us about growing up and her passion for putting together outfits to wear to school, dressing up her baby sister, and styling girls for prom. She went to college for pre-med before she decided that it wasn’t for her and changed her major to design and management. She intended to be a fashion editor and interned every summer at different publications to get exposure to the industry.

She discusses her mentor Annabel Tollman, and how she taught her all there was to know about the business from the bottom up. Micaela speaks about styling Amanda Hearst for her wedding and how she was the first bride for the new bridal styling and consulting company she launched.

Listen, as Micaela tells us what her process is when talking with a client, that you are an extension of your brand, so make sure you always dress the part and her advice to new stylists in the industry. There are so many fantastic details in this exciting episode that you don’t want to miss, so plugin and enjoy!

Show Highlights:

[04:36] Welcome to the show, Micaela!

[05:02] Micaela says if you exude confidence and you feel great, that shines through.

[05:36] She talks to us about growing up and her love of dress-up and putting together outfits.

[07:25] Micaela went to school for pre-med but changed her major to design and management intending to be a fashion editor.

[09:30] She was introduced to one of the top stylists of the time, got to work with her, and learned the ins and outs of the business side of fashion.

[12:23] Style can be transformative, and there is power in what we choose to wear.

[15:01] One dress can change everything. She learned that from her first client.

[16:18] Her approach when working with her clients is holistic and 360.

[19:01] Micaela says you never want to be in the wrong dress for the wrong occasion.

[19:43] She tells us waht she went through when she styled Amanda Hearst for her wedding.

[23:15] Micaela describes the wedding day and how amazing it was.

[25:12] There is no formula or recipe for a wedding or a wedding event; it’s all highly personalized.

[27:00] Micaela discusses her wedding plans and says that she is her worst client.

[30:24] What advice do you have for planners who are working with a bridal couple that can’t afford a stylist?

[32:18] Micaela gives examples of things that have gone wrong that she has had to deal with at the last minute.

[34:01] She says stylists and planners are essentially the hired help. It’s always about the client.

[35:01] You are an extension of your brand, so you should reflect the part.

[36:05] At conferences, you need to bring your A-game and represent what your brand is to others.

[38:37] Can you arrange your outfit around an accessory?

[40:38] How do you organize the outfit around a tattoo? Have you ever had to cover one?

[42:06] Micaela discusses the launch of her new bridal styling and consulting company.

[44:30] Her recommendation to stylists.

[45:23] Are there any hot fashion tips that you would give right now?

[45:55] Thank you so much for being on the show, Micaela!



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