Andy is happy to welcome Michelle Rago back for a second episode of The Wedding Biz. Michelle is a destination planner, producer, and designer based out of New York City who works all over the world. She has a book called “Signature Weddings – Creating A Day Uniquely Your Own,” and she does many different types of events and has even produced an event at the Vatican in Rome.

Michelle and Andy discuss an event she produced, in Rome, at the Vatican and a dinner for 400 that she did outside of the Vatican on the same day. She speaks about the challenges of planning events in foreign markets and how they are the same but different than planning them in the U.S. Michelle says having extreme patience is the only way she can do what she does all over the world.

Michelle speaks about some of her favorite events of the last few years, how she builds the teams she needs both internationally and locally, and the challenges she faces with the countries that have a more laid back sense of time than what she is used to. She tells us about times when she has had to overcome obstacles in foreign countries while trying to get what was needed for an event and how much the industry has changed since she first started.

Have you ever let fear stop you from doing something you wanted to do?  Listen in as Michelle talks about how fear is around all the time and the key is not letting it discourage you from pursuing what you want to do and rather using it to our advantage. She also gives us insight into how she sells herself and her experience to her clients. Connection and authenticity are still the most important qualities you can have.

Andy’s amazing guests always share things you won’t hear anywhere else, and this episode is no exception. Listening to Michelle will make your day and show you how to manage your fear of the unexpected. Don’t miss this episode!

Show Highlights:

[01:26] Michelle, welcome back to the show!

[02:26] She tells us about an event she produced at the Vatican.

[06:00] Is planning an event in a foreign market complicated?

[07:11] Michelle says that patience is a key element to handling situations that are inherent to destination events.

[08:05] How do you put together teams for events both internationally and locally?

[10:20] Michelle chats about a couple of her favorite events she’s produced since her last appearance on The Wedding Biz.

[11:57] How do you deal with the more laid back time schedules of different areas?

[13:08] She speaks about unexpected challenges that have popped up which she needed to handle.

[15:16] She chats about the constant changes in the industry and how much it has changed since she first started.

[16:47] What kind of conferences do you go to? What kind of books do you read?

[17:16] Andy tells her about the book The Obstacle Is The Way, by Ryan Holiday.

[20:22] Planning is all human behavior, which makes it one of the ten most difficult jobs to do.

[23:34] Michelle believes that you make your own luck, and she tells us about her new travel company called “The Known Traveler” that will be launched in early 2020.

[26:22] She talks about feeling fear, but being less uptight, the closer she gets to a job.

[28:47] Selling has changed over the years. Michelle talks about how she talks to her clients and the need to sell yourself and your experience.

[30:48] Connection and authenticity are two of the most important aspects of the event industry today.

[33:21] Michelle says that listening is one of her strong traits.

[35:05] How do you get the relationships going? Do you do it all in-person?

[37:10] She speaks about what is coming up for her as we go into 2020.

[39:56] Michelle believes that she and her team are ambassadors of the business and the country.

[40:28] She believes that the more you can get people on the same page, the more magic can occur. 

[41:06] Michelle, thank you so much for being on the show!



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