In this stand-alone episode of TNL, Andy and his guest, Sean Low, discuss how the pandemic is affecting the event industry and much more. Sean is the owner of The Business of Being Creative, which focuses on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. His client list includes the who’s who of the wedding industry and design community. Sean was on The Wedding Biz in February of 2018, so check out that episode if you haven’t already.

Listen as Sean speaks about the constraints the pandemic is putting on everyone, the issues people in the event industry are struggling with, and how to do a hard reset during this time of forced separation. Sean also shares about a business exercise he does that allows people to redefine their businesses.

Sean believes that at the end of the day, your voice matters. No one needs what you offer; they want it. Your job is to make them need it. It’s not a question of if you are going to use your voice, the question is when are you going to use it. Sean shares a lot of tips and ideas to help you take advantage of this pause in time to do a re-evaluation of your business so that when this is over, you will come out stronger than you were before.



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Show Highlights:

[01:05] Sean, thank you for being on the show again!

[01:13] Sean tells us how he is doing with quarantine from the pandemic.

[03:04] He speaks about the constraints on everyone until we have a vaccination.

[04:51] What issues are people in the event industry dealing with the most?

[07:43] Sean believes you should be transparent in your pricing.

[11:04] Sean speaks about taking the time to take a pause and do a hard reset.

[13:18] Sean chats about an exercise he does to define your business, the steps, and processes.

[17:21] Sean gives an example that shows how his training works.

[18:51] What do you say to people who are afraid to keep their pricing the same?

[22:24] They speak of the stock market crash of 2008 – 2009 and how everyone came out of it busier than ever.

[24:21] At the end of the day, you are an artist; at the end of the day, your voice matters. 

[26:26] Sean believes that you should get paid first, be selfish.

[28:11] No one needs what you offer, it is a want, but you want to try to make it a need.

[29:01] Andy says that now is the time to stay the course and nurture ourselves. No one knows what tomorrow holds.

[30:22] The question isn’t are you going to use your voice, it’s when are you going to use it.

[31:10] Sean shares that his next blog release, The Business of Being Creative, occurs at the end of the week.

[31:36] Thank you for being on the show, Sean!



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