Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go to a website you already follow for celebrity news and beauty tips to plan your dream wedding? Listen to Andy and his guest, Wendy El-Khoury, as they discuss how you can do all of this on the Wedded Wonderland website. They also chat about the challenges she faces with the pandemic and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz. 

Wendy lives in Sydney, Australia, and is the owner of Wedded Wonderland, which gives its followers exclusive on-trend and immediate access to the latest celebrity news, wedding advice, beauty tips, and lifestyle inspiration. Under Wendy’s direction, Wedded Wonderland is the brides, socialites, and women’s inside guide to the transformative periods of one’s life. She is often credited with the elevation and reinvigoration of the wedding industry in Australia.

Listen, as Wendy shares how she went from managing a wedding venue to creating a substantial online business in just seven years. She tells us how she got interested in the wedding industry and why she added beauty tips and lifestyle inspiration to the website. Wendy believes that when a woman is planning her wedding, it is a transformative time in her life.

Wendy discusses how she is handling the pandemic, and what she recommends that people consider. She believes, during this downtime, set yourself a series of tasks to do each day so you are feeling productive and don’t get bored. Wendy also speaks about how she is bringing in entertainers to showcase talent to keep everyone engaged.

Wendy speaks about the online course she is launching in May and how they will run the annual conferences they have scheduled. Wendy is a very upbeat person with a lot of splendid ideas for dealing with the situation we find ourselves in right now. 



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Show Highlights:

[02:45] Wendy, it is so good to have you on the show!

[03:01] Wendy shares a little about her background and all the places she lived as a child.

[04:38] Wendy speaks about what she was interested in when she was growing up.

[06:25] What piqued your interest in the wedding industry?

[07:43] Wendy shares that she left her job to manage a wedding venue that her father bought.

[09:15] Wendy speaks about starting a Facebook page to advertise the venue.

[10:26] How did you transition from that one venue to the enormous company that you have now?

[12:23] Wendy shares when she stopped working at the venue and focused solely on Wedded Wonderland.

[14:11] At what point did you hire a team?

[16:40] Wendy chats about why they added beauty tips and lifestyle inspiration.

[18:40] Wendy believes that the time women are planning their weddings is transformative.

[19:48] How are you dealing with the coronavirus? What are you recommending that people should consider?

[20:59] Wendy describes bringing in entertainers to showcase talent during this downtime.

[21:50] Wendy speaks about the challenges people she works with are facing during this pandemic.

[24:08] Wendy believes that you need to set a series of tasks that you need to do so that each day you can feel you are accomplishing something.

[26:25] Have you thought about what options you have to offer couples once this pandemic is over?

[28:04] Wendy shares about a new online course that she is launching in May and a platform for the wedding industry.

[30:17] Wendy speaks about a few things she believes that business owners should do now to up their social media presents and content strategy.

[31:35] Can you share a little about the different conferences you have and when they are?

[34:28] Wendy discusses what she believes the wedding industry will look like once this pandemic has run its course.

[35:48] Wendy shares her final thoughts about how business owners need to learn to navigate social media.

[36:57] Wendy chats about what success means to her.

[37:52] Wendy, thank you so much for being on the show!

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