“What would you do if you lost everyone and everything in your life and then got it all back again?” Listen in as Andy and his guest, Bryan Rafanelli, discuss this and how Bryan is handling the effects of the pandemic both personally and professionally, and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Bryan is the go-to planner for some of the nation’s most exclusive and high-profile events. He has been named an innovator and Event Producer of the Year by BizBash, was one of Out Magazines One Hundred Most Compelling People, a Top 25 Trendsetter of the Year by Modern Bride, and more. Bryan was on The Wedding Biz in September of 2018. It was a fantastic episode so if you haven’t listened to it, you should.

Bryan shares how the pandemic has impacted the events he had scheduled this spring and summer and how they are getting everyone rescheduled. He speaks about talking to his clients and how he reassures them. Bryan also talks about how he communicates with his team and keeps them motivated.

Listen, as Bryan describes how his days now differ from a few months ago, his advice to people new to the industry who are scared they are going to lose their businesses and what he believes the event industry will look like once the country reopens. Andy and Bryan have a great conversation that is both uplifting and real, so sit back and enjoy.



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Show Highlights:

[02:56] Bryan, thank you for being on the show again!

[04:25] How are you dealing with everything that is happening right now on a personal level?

[06:13] Bryan shares how the pandemic has impacted his business and the events he had scheduled.

[08:05] Bryan speaks about how they are handling the rescheduling of weddings and events.

[10:25] Bryan chats about how he talks to his clients when they are emotional about their wedding being pushed so far out.

[12:51] How are you handling deposits?  

[15:37] Bryan shares how he feels about charging an upcharge fee to reschedule events next year during peak times.

[17:48] Bryan discusses how he has taken care of his team and if he has had to furlough anyone.

[19:55] How are you keeping your team motivated? How is your communication with clients?

[21:13] Bryan speaks about how his days are different now from what they used to be.

[23:29] Bryan says that he is still working every day, though has learned he needs to learn to take a breath once in a while.

[25:17] Bryan says that people with new businesses should ask for help, talk to their clients and mentors, and know that we will come out of this. Have a Plan B.

[28:47] Bryan shares what he thinks the event industry will look like when we get the country reopened.

[30:59] Do you think things will be more casual and laid back in the future?

[32:18] Bryan believes we are in a time when we need to think about what we would do if we lost everyone and everything in our lives and then got it back again. Think about it.

[32:42] Thank you so much, Bryan, for being on the show.

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