How about a jungle-themed corporate event with elephant rides? Listen to Andy and his guest Steve Kemble, who is known as “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru,” as they discuss how he takes a client’s idea and creates a fabulous event. Steve shares one of his favorite corporate events and how he made the jungle theme come to life plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Steve has been the magic behind countless corporate events, weddings, and other ventures, including events for Oprah, Presidents’ Obama, Bush, and more for over two decades. Steve has been dishing out fashion disses at celebrities for over three years as a top cop for the U.S. Weekly Magazines Fashion Police. He has also appeared on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Wedding Edition, Style Network’s Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, and Married Away. 

Listen as Steve shares about working with Lee Iacocca, on the Statue of Liberty project, and how he was able to launch his own company in his mid-twenties. He speaks about his process when vetting a client and the research he does to make sure he is getting the right creative partners for every event.

“We need to tell their story,” is what Steve believes when he is planning weddings. He talks to the couple together before he starts the planning process so he can get a real feel for who they are. Steve also speaks about wanting his events to be perfect and the most significant challenge he ever faced, just days before an enormous event.

Steve has received over 25 industry accolades, including being inducted into the Event Industry Hall of Fame, so when he talks about his processes for events, you need to listen. Being known as one of the most visible, vocal, and unique personalities in the industry shows that he knows how to stay relevant and successful. This very successful man will leave you with a smile.



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Show Highlights:

[03:47] Steve, it is so good to see you!

[04:24] Steve shares a little about his life growing up in Texas.

[07:06] Steve speaks about finding his passion for planning parties in high school.

[09:42] What was your first stop once you graduated from college?

[11:02] Steve chats about the PR job he got for the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

[13:31] Steve discusses working with Lee Iacocca on the Statue of Liberty project. 

[15:06] Steve speaks about opening his own event company and how he plans weddings and non-profit charity events.

[17:24] How do you approach a corporate job, what is your process?

[22:38] Steve describes one of his favorite corporate events in Boston and how he made it unique.

[25:30] He speaks about all the research he had to do to make a jungle theme realistic.

[28:57] What is your general process for planning a wedding? Are they more challenging?

[30:18] Steve likes to talk to the couples together before he starts the planning process.

[32:44] Steve speaks about feeling fear and anxiety about every event he does because he wants them to be perfect.

[34:32] What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome when planning an event?

[37:47] Steve shares that he loves to manage projects and the business side of his company.

[39:09] Steve is known as one of the most visible, vocal, and unique personalities in the industry.

[39:24] Steve has created a branded personality which he credits to his degree in Public Relations and Advertising.

[40:53] How have you stayed relevant after all the years you have been in the business?

[41:12] Steve discusses all the fashion events on TV, and the red carpet commentary that he does loves to do.

[43:00] Steve shares that he has a lot of things in the works, and the reality shows on which he has planned weddings.

[45:49] Do you have a vault where you store your clothes? What is in it?

[47:12] Steve speaks about the Steve Kemble Leadership Foundation.

[48:42] Steve shares his morning routine and how he organizes his day.

[51:39] How do you measure success for yourself?

[52:15] Steve, thank you so much for being on the show!




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