Do you have a strong brand identity? Listen, as Andy and John discuss Wendy El-Khoury, her insights into a brand identity, and how she believes it starts before the ring ever hits the hand. John is Australia’s premier floral designer, and John was on The Wedding Biz on January 13th, 2020, so check out his episode if you haven’t already.  

Wendy lives in Sydney, Australia, and is the owner of Wedded Wonderland, which gives its followers exclusive on-trend and immediate access to the latest celebrity news, wedding advice, beauty tips, and lifestyle inspiration. Wedded Wonderland allows the audience to engage with creative suppliers, knowledgeable experts, and influential bloggers who set trends and create the benchmark for the bride and wedding community.

Listen as Andy and John speak about Wendy’s belief in brand identity and how she believes it starts before a couple even gets engaged. John shares how the pandemic has affected him and his business and how he now has people booking two years out for events because they do not know how long this pandemic will last.

They discuss Wendy’s idea of staying busy during this time, such as writing tasks down to keep yourself involved. John agrees with Wendy that a trend will be designing destination weddings at home venues and that celebrity weddings affect how brides look at their weddings. John is entertaining and insightful; don’t miss this episode of TNL.



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Show Highlights:

  • [01:01] Welcome back to the show, John!
  • [01:11] John shares how long he has known Wendy.
  • [02:28] John speaks about Wendy’s insight into brand identity.
  • [03:48] Wendy believes that brand identity starts before a couple gets engaged.
  • [04:41] How has the pandemic affected you? 
  • [06:08] John speaks about people booking events two years in advance.
  • [07:24] John shares Wendy’s idea of writing out some tasks to complete, each day, to stay busy.
  • [08:55] Do you look at this downtime as an opportunity to readjust and do things differently in your business?
  • [11:10] John agrees with Wendy in that the trend will be destination weddings at home after the pandemic.
  • [12:24] What has your experience been with celebrity weddings affecting the wedding market?
  • [13:12] John, thank you so much for appearing on the show today!


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