“If you don’t have lighting, you can’t see the beauty you’ve created.” Listen as Andy and Darren discuss Norma Cohen, her elaborate designs, her attention to lighting and how it affects her vision and more. Darren Olarsch founded On The Move Entertainment in 1993, an event production company that specializes in entertainment, and appeared as a guest on The Wedding Biz on July 15th, 2019.

Norma started her company, Norma Cohen Productions, nearly thirty years ago. She is a powerhouse and has planned numerous events at New York’s most iconic spaces and Europe’s most luxurious destinations. Norma believes that you have to get rid of the negative energy in your life and the company to thrive.

Listen as Darren shares how involved Norma is with her events, from lighting to wardrobe and everything in between. She even makes sure the lights and music are choreographed and work together. He says that he has seen Norma stand by the Lighting Director and verbally make changes to match what she wants to see. 

Andy and Darren discuss Norma’s views on live bands versus DJ’s and how a great stage for the band can make all the difference. Darren speaks about wardrobe and how instrumental Norma was in his company having different looks from stock-looks to custom-looks depending on what the client wants.

Darren has worked many events with Norma and gives us a look into her events from the inside. Her attention to the smallest detail and the trust she has in her creative partners is unique, and it’s those qualities that make her the success she is today. 


Show Highlights:

  • [00:32] Darren, welcome back to the show!
  • [01:52] Darren has worked with Norma many times and shares what he knows about her.
  • [03:21] They speak about the need to trust your creative partners and how important it is to help each other.
  • [04:35] Darren talks about how faithful Norma is to her creative partners.
  • [05:28] Darren shares how involved Norma is with her events and how she uses light.
  • [06:51] They chat about how aware she is about music.  
  • [07:52] Do you believe that a live band can give more to an event than a DJ?
  • [09:45] Darren shares what the secret sauce is for events.
  • [10:55] They discuss designing a great stage for the band.
  • [12:30] Darren speaks about wardrobes and how Norma has taught him the importance of having different looks.
  • [14:08] Do you know the difference between a coordinated stock-look versus a custom-look?
  • [15:02] Darren, thank you for being on the show.


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