“I love fashion, and I appreciate everything beautiful because I love to surround myself in beauty” Listen in as Andy and his guest, Sofia Crokos, discuss personally connecting with clients, her love of fashion, and creating beautiful events. Sofia is a planner/designer based out of New York City. She has also partnered with The Heritage Collection behind four exclusive private properties in Europe.

Sofia discusses her journey from fashion to planning, where she got her love of everything beautiful and the mentor that gave her the knowledge she needed to plan events. Sofia speaks about being a mentor herself and the joy it brings her. She tells us she lives by connection, and without a link to her clients, she wouldn’t be able to plan their weddings.

Listen as Sofia shares her process for opening the lines of communication with her clients, and why she studies the dynamics of the couple when planning a wedding. Sofia shares a story about the wedding she did for Robert Downy and the catastrophe she had to overcome with only four days until the event.

Are you a seeker and curious about life? Listen as Sofia shares her belief that you need to reinvent and keep up with what really speaks to you. Sofia talks about where she sees herself in five years and her being the U.S. Ambassador for The Heritage Collection properties in Europe.

Sofia has learned, through years of running full throttle, that you have to take time for self-care, or you will burn out. Sofia shares what she did in the year she disconnected from her business, and why she is now ready to connect again. This conversation is a joy to listen to and you don’t want to miss it.


Show Highlights:

[01:02] Sofia, it’s so good to see you!

[01:46] Sofia shares what it was like to grow up in a Greek family in Brooklyn, New York.

[02:42] How did your interest in entertaining and food come about?

[03:43] Sofia speaks about fashion being her first love and getting her degree in Fashion buying and merchandising.

[05:02] Sofia believes that her love of beauty came from her time in France and Italy.

[05:56] How did you transition from the fashion business to planning events?

[07:44] Sofia speaks about a planner that became her mentor and shared all aspects of the company.

[10:43] Sofia chats about being a mentor herself and the joy and healing it gives her.

[12:18] Sofia shares that she lives by connection; without connection, she can’t give her clients what they want.

[15:46] How do you open up the lines of communication with your clients? What is your process?

[17:33] Sofia speaks about studying the dynamics of the couple when she is planning a wedding.

[19:58] Sofia shares a story about the wedding she did for Robert Downey and the challenges she had finding a new venue four days before the wedding.

[22:00] Sofia believes that if she pauses and takes a breath, everything will work out.

[25:02] She speaks about a time when she disconnected from her business and let her team take more responsibility.

[27:50] What did you do during that year you took away from your company?

[30:08] Sofia shares about finding herself and her need for quiet and alone time.

[32:16] She talks about the changes she made during her time away from her business.

[35:24] Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

[36:53] Sofia speaks about partnering with The Heritage Collection and being their U.S Ambassador.

[38:35] Sofia is a huge believer in reinvention and keeping up with what really speaks to you.

[40:12] Sofia, this has been wonderful, and thank you for being on the show!



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