Episode 69 THE NEXT LEVEL: Mark Held: A Lifetime Of Floral Innovation

Considering the incredible success Mark Held has had by focusing on doing one thing – flowers – and doing them better than anyone else, it’s no surprise that Andy and Melissa are able to extract many strategies from Mark’s interview.

Join Andy and Melissa as they delve further into the following topics:

  • Continually innovating is necessary for the success of a business.
  • Spending time understanding your client and what they want is always time well-spent.
  • The power of knowing your market and your demographic.
  • The importance of re-inventing yourself with every event – especially when you use the same venues multiple times.
  • Anticipate how your craft will affect the final outcome of the event.
  • The only criteria for judging flowers is – are they beautiful?
  • Your only limitation is yourself.

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Check out Mark’s full interview here.

Episode 68 Mark Held: A Lifetime Of Floral Innovation

Mark Held didn’t originally see himself as a florist. His first arrangement– a project assigned to him at summer camp as a young boy– turned out to be poison ivy. But after a successful dance and theater career as a young adult, Mark wanted to continue his creative expression. His partner, Richard David, had just the outlet: a flower shop he was opening up. And he convinced Mark to join him for a bit. At the time, Mark thought it would be a temporary arrangement.

Fast forward a couple decades, and Mark Held is a prominent name in floristry. As a grounded, creative mind, he believes that flowers “breathe life into events” and is always looking forward to the future of his business and clients.

In this episode, Mark shares his perspective on career development, crafting a quality event, and the way he navigates the Hollywood scene as a professional florist.

About Mark Held:

Born in Chicago, Mark Held is the son of a preacher and attended the University of Redlands in California.

Together with Richard David, Mark Held created Mark’s Garden, which is a self-described “part retail flower shop and part creative design studio”. Mark’s team has crafted floral design for the Academy Awards Governors Ball for the past 24 years, plus Television Emmy Awards, Golden Globes Awards, top-level civic events and a long list of celebrity weddings including Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Adam Sandler, among others.

Mark is also the co-author of a book titled, Fabulous Parties: Food and Flowers for Elegant Entertaining.

Show Highlights:

  • How Mark transitioned his career from dance to floristry
  • Why you shouldn’t worry so much about your career path
  • The original concept for Mark’s Garden that caught on and grew the business
  • How Mark views running a business with a romantic partner
  • What experience inspires Mark time and time again
  • A few of Mark’s insights into this year’s upcoming Governors Ball floral design
  • Insight into how Mark’s experience working with large celebrity events
  • Some of Mark’s biggest day-of mishaps and how he managed them
  • How Mark has seen the floral industry evolve since he began his business


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Mark’s book – Fabulous Parties: Food and Flowers for Fabulous Entertaining