41 SEAN LOW: The Business of Being Creative

Sean Low is an entrepreneur at heart. He has a law degree and even did a stint at a Wall Street investment bank, but he didn’t let any of that stop him from seeing the potential to start a creative business. Sean knows the ups and downs of being a small business owner, as he risked and lost almost everything at the altar of his small business. Eventually, Sean really dialed in his own business acumen and went to work for Preston Bailey Designs. Sean put his skills to work and completely changed the business structure of Preston Bailey Designs, and in doing so, he breathed new life into the business and set it up for considerably higher degrees of success. Since then, Sean has worked with a host of other high profile creative business owners like Vicente Wolf, Style Me Pretty, Marcy Blum, Michelle Rago, Christian Oth and Sylvia Weinstock to name a few

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