Episode 50 Rayshun Lamarr: The Voice Finalist Who Honed His Talents as a Wedding Entertainer

Rayshun Lamarr has officially put his voice in the arena– it’s where he’s always known he wants it to be. As a singer since childhood, it would be easy to stay on a relatively safe course as an entertainer and rely on the talent he’s been recognized for since an early age. Instead, Rayshun creates opportunity after opportunity for himself to hone his craft and put himself up against the best.

His first steady gig as a professional singer was with host Andy Kushner with a 10-piece party band called SoundConnection. Weddings were a huge entry point into Rayshun’s experience entertaining crowds on a stage and forging emotional connection live.

His hearty experience on the stage prepared him for successfully auditioning for The Voice, where he is currently competing for the ultimate grand prize. Rayshun’s passion, tenacity, and joy are infectious and will make you want to cheer him on long after his time on The Voice ends.

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