35 THE KNOT, CARLEY RONEY & ANJA WINIKKA: Empowering Employees + Building Innovation Into the DNA of Your Business

These days, The Knot is largely synonymous with planning a modern wedding. It is often the first resource brides will use to feel empowered during an uncertain time. There’s a reason for that! Founder of The Knot, Carley Roney, and Brand Builder, Anja Winikka, are innovating the wedding business through authentic connection and female empowerment. The Knot is the #1 Mobile Wedding App, and most bride’s first destination after getting engaged. What started as a small company trying to simplify wedding planning has grown to become one of the most innovative and female-focused entrepreneurial endeavors. Innovation and inclusivity were at the heart of Carley Roney’s vision for The Knot when she and her husband started the company in the early 90’s. With the brand mastery of Anja Winnika, The Knot has solidified its identity as the authority on just about every facet of the wedding business, while also empowering brides to create a wedding that is personal and fun.

A lot has changed about the wedding industry since The Knot was founded, but their core community values of trust, style, and inclusivity haven’t. In today’s episode, you will learn all about Carley’s ahead-of-her-time vision for how the Internet could bring unparalleled innovation to the wedding business. You will also learn how The Knot has continued to evolve and grow by listening to users and cultivating resources with a personal touch. The Knot encourages brides, planners, and vendors to connect in the moment. With resources like The Ultimate Wedding Planner and their wealth of information online, brides can trust that The Knot is working to empower them through the wedding process.

Listen this week to learn how The Knot is empowering their employees, building innovation into their DNA, and paving the way for female entrepreneurs within the wedding business.

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