Do you allow opportunities to enter your life? Some do not know an opportunity when it comes to them. Today we hear how you need to maximize opportunities and discuss the interview with Brett Culp.

Brett Culp an acclaimed filmmaker and social entrepreneur. What is interesting about Brett is that he started in the luxury end of weddings with quite a run in it and ended up going through a fascinating transformation. If you haven’t heard the Brett Culp podcast, it is very inspiring and please take the time to listen to Brett speak.

Join us today as Andy and today’s Cohost Zach Oxman, who has quite a story as a sculptor, discuss the interview with Brett Culp.

Show Highlights:

  • The three key elements in business Brett broke it down too
  • Quote by Brett that is very applicable
  • The goal as a creative; do great work
  • Getting the foundation down first
  • Maximizing opportunity to create more opportunities
  • Brett’s short films almost like a video blog
  • Intention verse flow, being ready for the unknown
  • Hanging onto an identity or path as you perceive of who you are
  • The element of control and what Brett turned it into
  • Your perception and what you ultimately do with it
  • Zach’s challenges


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Overview of Brett’s work/career –

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