Andy is speaking with Carrie Goldberg on this episode of The Next Level. Carrie is the Travel and Weddings Director at Harpers Bazaar. She oversees all things, bridal, weddings, and travel for Carrie is also responsible for content strategy and visuals for Bazaar’s digital travel and wedding verticals, and is the editor of Bazaar’s new program called Bazaar Brides.

Rime is a wonderful designer whose company is known as the “bridal house for rebel goddesses.” Greg has been running the business side of Rime’s business as her general manager for a little over a year, and they are engaged. Greg is a wonderfull photographer who was interviewed on The Wedding Biz this past October. 

Carrie and Andy speak about the edge that Rime’s designs have, the different types of brides designers face, and how sometimes planners can focus on the person writing the check and not the bride herself. They also chat about the inherent issues with business that creative people can sometimes have and the challenges that can test your partnership in business and life.

Do you use Instagram to market your business? Listen as Carrie and Andy talk about the benefits of Instagram, how it should be a part of every marketing campaign, and how your posts and direct messages should be authentic and personal. Enjoy this episode as they bring to life the thoughts and ideas of Rime and Greg.

Show Highlights:

  • [01:59] Carrie, welcome back to the show!
  • [02:06] They discuss the edge that Rime has with her designs.
  • [03:17] Carrie talks about the different types of brides and how it’s easy to cater to the person writing the check.
  • [04:43] Walking the aisle at a wedding can make a bride feel very vulnerable.
  • [05:49] Carrie discusses the challenges that are inherent in creative people when it comes to business.
  • [07:52] Is working together the real test of being true partners in business and personal?
  • [09:09] They speak about Rime, allowing Greg to come into the company as her GM, it balances them to both be in the industry.
  • [11:23] Instagram is not an option anymore, it should be included in every business strategy. It should be authentic and personal.
  • [13:39] Do you your DM’s personally?
  • [14:13] Carrie, thank you so much for being on this episode! 


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