It hardly seems possible that today’s show is a celebration of the One Year Anniversary of The Wedding Biz podcast! When Andy started the show a year ago, he began as a passion project, but since that time, it has turned into so much more! Andy knew he wanted his podcast to be different, and he certainly accomplished that. One of the things that makes The Wedding Biz so unique is that Andy only does interviews in person. So for the past year, he has visited the homes, offices, and event venues with his guests, in order to sit down and conduct a face to face interview. Andy says it’s one of his secrets to making a real connection with his guests!

Listen to the episode as Andy introduces you to his team – Marketing Director, Melissa Fancy, and Director of Strategic Partnerships, Christy Haussler. Together they share their favorite things about the show, re-live some highlights of their favorites guests on the show, and they also reveal the strategic direction of the podcast of 2018 and beyond!

This star-studded show also features some heartfelt congratulations from some of our favorite guests. Be sure to listen to this episode to get this behind the scenes look at The Wedding Biz!

A Message from Andy about the Anniversary:

“Every week, for the podcast, we share interviews, or what I call guided conversations which are evergreen in nature, that I record in person so that I can really connect and get a thorough and in-depth insight into the hearts, minds, and lives of the most prolific icons and talented professionals in the wedding and events industry.
Our mission, is to inspire, with powerful stories, of our guests, and to provide an authentic window, into the legends of our industry.
This world of luxury events is created and run by such passionate, creative and dedicated people with so much to share, educate, and most importantly, inspire. And my team and I love providing such an effective platform for these guests to share their stories and to empower our listeners.
All that you’ve just heard is a mere snippet of the wealth of engaging and what I consider to be career-lifting and even potentially life-changing inspiration. I know this because I  have been in the business for a long time, through my music and entertainment company and now with this podcast, and I have seen it all, and am still personally affected, in some profound way, by every single conversation.
And the comments we get from listeners is fuel that keeps driving myself and my outrageously passionate and committed team, to continue what we’re doing. And this includes our add-on segment, with each interview, called The Next Level in a co-host and I break down the day’s interview and translate it into specific tactical strategies we can all use to improve our businesses. And finally, we love being able to engage with you, our listeners, and partners, and together, elevate our industry to new heights.”