Episode 424 CARRIE GOLDBERG/CLG Creative: Fashion Styling and Creative Consulting

0.75x 1x 1.25x 1.5x 2x 0:00… Episode 424 CARRIE GOLDBERG/CLG Creative: Fashion Styling and Creative Consulting DownloadShare Apple PodcastsReviewGoogle PodcastsListen in a New WindowSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on AndroidSubscribe via RSSSpotifyPlayer Embed Regular and longtime listeners of the podcast will likely recognize today’s guest’s voice as she has been on the show before! Carrie Goldberg is the founder […]

Episode 317 THE NEXT LEVEL: CARRIE GOLDBERG discusses ALEX FITZGIBBONS, Orchestrating The Life And Soul Of A Wedding

Andy welcomes Carrie Goldberg back to The Next Level. Carrie is the Digital Travel & Weddings Editor at Harpers Bazaar, where she oversees all things bridal, weddings, and travel for HarpersBazaar.com. Listen as they discuss how who has the most input in weddings has changed, why Alex doesn’t advertise and how he maintains his client’s privacy by taking people’s phones at high-profile events, plus much more.

Alex is the Managing Director of Fait Accompli out of London, which organizes, plans and designs spectacular events worldwide from A-list to Royal weddings. He is also responsible for the wedding celebration of Ellie Goulding and weddings for the Royal family, including Prince William and Katherine the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry and Megan the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Listen as Carrie speaks about the weddings Alex designs, the glamping wedding he planned on the grounds of a medieval castle, and how his discretion has earned him the high-profile weddings others seek. They discuss the challenge of keeping guests engaged, with or without their phones, and how 2020 has shown where people place their worth in business and life.

Episode 285 A Conversation With: CARRIE GOLDBERG

Andy is happy to have Carrie Goldberg back on the show to discuss how COVID-19 has affected her personally and professionally, what she is hearing from both brides and planners, and the challenges planners have with managing their clients’ expectations, but also keeping them safe and socially distanced.

Carrie is the Digital Travel & Weddings Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, where she oversees all things weddings and travel for HarpersBazaar.com. She is in charge of content, strategy, and visuals for Bazaar’s digital travel and wedding verticals and editor of their membership subscription program called Bazaar Bride.

Listen, as Carrie discusses the different ways some brides are viewing their weddings and how planners are coping with wedding guests while trying to keep them safe. Carrie believes that this pandemic has made couples ask themselves what’s really important and whether now is the right time to take a chance on a large wedding or wait until it’s safe.

She also believes that some changes, she sees now, will continue in the future because people are realizing what is important and much of it is about getting back to basics. Carrie shares advice for planners and stylists around shopping and talks about where she will be for the next few months. Carrie has great insight into what is going on in the wedding and event business during this pandemic. You don’t want to miss what she has to say.