Regular and longtime listeners of the podcast will likely recognize today’s guest’s voice as she has been on the show before! Carrie Goldberg is the founder and creative director of CLG Creative, a fashion styling and creative consulting firm which caters to personal and corporate clients all over the globe! Carrie channels her multifaceted background in editing, art direction, and creative direction from her experience as the weddings and travel director at Harper’s Bazaar, and before holding that position, she was the senior fashion editor at Martha Stewart Weddings. CLG Creative’s body of work is even further elevated by a top-level team of stylists whose experience spans the realms of fashion, men’s wear, accessories, fine jewelry, interior design, e-commerce, travel, and more!

Carrie talks about the personal difficulties that she endured in 2021 and what she learned from getting through them. She describes her team, reveals her biggest challenge with the company right now, discusses her styling process, makes a point regarding how style affects the guest experience and what makes CLG Creative unique in what they offer, and so much more!

As always, Andy really enjoyed his time talking with Carrie! They cover so much ground in a small amount of time, and he looks forward to talking to her again in the future! In the meantime, be sure to continue tuning in to The Wedding Biz because more great, compelling interviews are on the way! If you enjoyed this interview with Carrie, be sure to spread the word by sharing it with at least three good friends who would also enjoy it! Andy would also really appreciate it if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already so that you are notified right away when new episodes drop and if you were to leave a top review wherever you listen! That really helps out the show and helps people find it!


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Time Stamps

[0:29] – Today’s episode is sponsored by Book More Weddings Summit!

[1:09] – We learn that today’s guest is Carrie Goldberg of CLG Creative!

[2:08] – Carrie talks about her recent trip to Paris.

[4:20] – Carrie reflects on the personal challenges that she had to overcome in 2021.

[7:17] – Carrie emphasizes how important it is to be grateful for what we have.

[8:37] – Learn about the transition that Carrie made to running CLG Creative full-time.

[9:27] – Carrie describes her team at CLG Creative.

[10:52] – What is Carrie’s biggest challenge right now?

[12:07] – Carrie explains how she balances creativity with business.

[14:35] – Carrie argues that business is creativity.

[15:52] – Carrie discusses her styling process.

[18:52] – Does Carrie ever meet prospective clients for whom she isn’t a good fit?

[20:20] – Carrie touches upon how style affects the guest experience.

[22:04] – Carrie dives into the dos and don’ts of hair and makeup.

[24:14] – How does Carrie bring in her background as an art director?

[26:29] – We receive advice on how to be of better service to clients.

[28:36] – Carrie elaborates on how to find a stylist.

[30:38] – Andy reveals where we can find Carrie online.



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